Here’s a short talk about Ocean Protocol – a new ‘solution’ for the problem that we don’t own our own data. In other words, the problem that the data that we generate (through all sorts of signals intelligence, e.g. Fb) belongs to and is monetized by the giant data-capture companies, leaving us as merely ‘the product’ of the services we use. The speaker here is an enthusiastic supporter of Ocean Protocol, and he celebrates the potential of privacy-protecting open-data platforms to enable ‘some whiz-kid’ (Greta’s bff, perhaps?) to discover a solution to all the world’s problems. He also explains that Ocean provides compensation to data-providers, eliminating the ‘you are the product’ problem.

But listen to this talk closely. The speaker knows his stuff (certainly better than I!), but I think he overlooks three very important things.

First, when he talks about being compensated for data-production/intellectual activity, he explains that our data output becomes an asset that may be leveraged to gain privileges. This sounds a lot like a human capital ranking or social credit score.

Second, the corporate partners involved in Ocean Protocol – Daimler, IBM, Roche Diagnostics, BMW, to name a few – have deep roots in the eugenics revolution of the 20th century. That they would pivot to caring about human beings is a long-shot indeed.

Third, Ocean is partnering with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. No need to explain that one, as everyone knows that Klaus and his band of thugs want to Reset the world. There’s also the MIT connection, the hexagon logo, the creepy octopus symbolism, but I won’t go into that.

Bottom line: lots of serious investors and social engineers are setting up the new data economy, and they are using the coronapocalypse to do it. But this open-data ‘solution’ is a trap. Its real aim is to usher in techno-facist regime of digital totalitarianism, smart contracts, social credit scoring, and VR GOGGLE-prisons.

Ocean Protocol Video

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