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Welcome to hearts over hexagons. In 2019, I began using social media to raise awareness about the troubling state of education in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklhahoma.  My research into the corporate takeover of the University of Tulsa by venture capital investors and philanthropic organizations expanded far beyond my initial purpose of trying to save a 125-year-old private liberal arts univeristy from a gross “reimagining.” In a very short time, I found myself confronting the Fourth Industrial Revolution, UN Agenda 21, a new mechanism of global finance called Social Impact Finance or Impact Investing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain-based Digital Identity, the P20 Pipeline to the Workforce, Inclusive Capitalism, Transhumanism, and more.  Social media is a quick and easy way to share my research with others and it has been an invaluable tool for networking with my local neighbors and thoughtful individuals throughout the world who are fighting to preserve the sacredness and dignity of freedom, children, un-augmented human life, culture, and Truth. But in the post-truth era in which we live, it would be unwise to suppose that the information gatekeepers won’t censor the content I post – which counters the dominant narrative and climate of opinion – and prevent its dissemination. For this reason, I have started this blog – which is very much still a work in progress.  I will be copying and pasting written content and including links to interviews I’ve done and ones that I find particularly helpful for unravelling the web of buzzwords and propaganda that is strangling human life. I continue to use social media actively, so the transition to this page is proceeding slowly. Thank you for your understanding and your support and for your efforts to love people, beat technofascism.                                     ~ julianne




COVID-19 is being used to usher in a new world of authoritarianism. A world dominated by constant digital surveillance, forced vaccinations, and tighter, top-down government control. A growing body of evidence – including practice exercises, financial incentives for associated individuals and corporations, and official public statements – suggests that the global pandemic of 2020 is in fact a smokescreen for a permanent, radical restructuring of our lives and society according to the model of the “Great Reset”. A worldwide coup is in progress…

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