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Mother, educator and researcher Julianne Romanello can now add “activist for truth” among her titles – though that was never her intention.  Pursuing scholarship interests in Ancient Greek philosophy, existential and twentieth century philosophy, and general questions pertaining to the history of political theory she graduated from The University of Tulsa (B.A., 2003) and earned her doctorate in Political Philosophy from Baylor University (Waco, Texas) in 2012.  A resident of Tulsa since 2009, Julianne has held full-time and part-time teaching positions at The University of Tulsa, Northeastern State University, and Tulsa Community College.  Her regularly offered courses have covered topics ranging from Philosophy, Educational Philosophy, and Political Theory to Humanities, and American Federal Government.  In addition to being a proud wife and mother of four, she has remained active in reading groups and lectures, as an Associate Editor of VoegelinView, as a contributor to local and international press, and has delivered lectures for the Tulsa Philosophical Society.   

But it was during her time as a visiting professor at The University of Tulsa that her research diverted in a most unexpected way.  Through a bold “reimagination campaign” propagandized by administration leadership, she witnessed the school’s sudden shift from a renowned liberal arts university to a skills-focused cog of the P20 pipeline.  The school was being reengineered to support the growth of the tech, defense and sustainability industries right before her eyes.  As her alma mater imploded, she began to recognize equally disturbing and remarkably similar “reimagination” campaign patterns, language, and symbols – – initially at other universities, but also on local levels at public schools and chambers of commerce.  This could not be coincidence.   The common threads among these dubious plans led her research toward The U.N.’s Agenda 21/Sustainability Plans, The World Economic Forum, Impacting Investing, and Communitarianism. 

Most pressing she is fighting to reveal the truth of how the Great Reset and Communitarianism are being rolled out through local organizations and educational institutions through tax exempt foundations and impact investing.  She has identified Economic Development initiatives and the P20 Pipeline to the Workforce as the tool that Resetters are using to shape the education and development of children so they may one day fill the jobs that will usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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To view Julianne’s presentations on the Great Reset, Smart Cities, Transit-Oriented Development, and more, please visit her YouTube Channel: Hearts Over Hexagons


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