• Reject the Reset

    Dec 22, 2020

    An official statement on the Great Reset, a collaboration between Kilgore, the founder and president of I Do Not Comply, and Julianne Romanello, Ph.D.

  • Killing two birds with one stone: Covid-19 and Agenda 21(pg. 11)

    Oct 20, 2020  The Light (U.K.)

    Agenda 21 aspires to measure and manage every aspect of resource use and consumption, and now, in 2020, they have the technological capacity to support this. But the technology that makes possible a comprehensive inventory of all the Earth’s resources also renders much of the human workforce obsolete.

  • Eric Voegelin’s ‘On Classical Studies

    Jul 1, 2019  VoegelinView

    This article examines the historical and spiritual significance of Voegelin’s shortest published essay, especially as a struggle for the soul of the academy and against the personal temptation to withdraw from an institution in decay.

  • Voegelin on Plato’s Laws (Part 2)

    Jan 31, 2018  VoegelinView

    The Substance of Plato’s Efforts to Communicate
    The great theme of the Laws is the God who governs the processes of order and history, who obliges, but does not compel, man to quest for him, and who reveals himself through visions granted. The upshot of this is that man finds himself existing in “the unfinished struggle for the truth—a struggle not…

  • Voegelin on Plato’s Laws (Part 1)

    Jan 30, 2018  VoegelinView

    Scholars and students of the work of Eric Voegelin, the twentieth-century political philosopher and historian who often called for a renewed engagement with classical Greek thought, will certainly be familiar with the prominent place Plato occupies in his work. For Voegelin, Plato changed the course of history, instigating an “epochal” shift that could be opposed but never undone. Voegelin continually…

  • Eric Voegelin’s Approach to Plato

    Jan 29, 2018  VoegelinView

    Eric Voegelin was a first-rate scholar whose many writings span disciplinary divisions to speak to concerns ranging from politics and history to philosophy, psychology, and theology. Although Voegelin’s writings have received attention among limited groups of scholars and philosophers, their complexity and unique trajectory has often proved to be an obstacle to a more widespread familiarity with this important force…

  • Bellow, Kierkegaard, and American Estheticism

    Jul 19, 2012  Expositions

    A key theme of Saul Bellow’s 1970 novel Mr. Sammler’s Planetis humanity’s quest for self-understanding. Several approaches tothat quest circulate in the dramatic world that Bellow crafts. Among the most prominent approaches are those guided by theories purporting to have comprehensive explanatory power –physics, psychoanalysis, andMarxist economics, for example –and popular “culture,” which, as a whole, seems to celebrate arbitrariness and the ability to defy explanation…

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  • IWWH Ep. 21: Gilad Atzmon & Julianne Romanello w/ Jason Bosch. July 16, 2021

    In this episode of If We Were Honest host Jason Bosch is joined by Jazz saxophonist and author Gilad Atzmon along with mother, educator and researcher Julianne Romanello, PhD. The interview covers historical and theoretical factors contributing to the contemporary Zionist movement as practiced by Israelis, Americans, Jews, and Christians. The introduction to a larger series.

  • Podcast w Julianne Romanello – Agenda 21/2030. Shit Shooting 101

    Julianne Romanello walks us through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technofascism impact investing, social engineering, blockchain, transhumanism, the transgenda, Communitarianism etc. as it applies to children, schooling, the workforce, and human capital in the new world agenda. Plus much more! A must listen for you working class heroes!

  • Part 1/3: The Philosophy behind the Technocratic Shift. Our Foundations Podcast

    Julianne Romanello discusses shifts occurring in the education system. These have been toward job training, through public/ private partnerships, and away from classically liberal “true” education. Her background is in political philosophy and teaching. This first section of the interview covers how she discovered the technocratic agenda and philosophical issues behind these moves. We discuss Plato, the spiritual components, divinizing the earth, man and society, and much more. This was a great interview and perfect in the context of the content we’ve been covering on this show.

  • Part 2/3: Voegelin, Buzzword Magic, P3s and More. Our Foundations Podcast

    The conversation continues with more on the technocratic societal trends currently underway. The philosophy of Eric Voegelin is discussed further. Language and magic through words are covered with a focus on buzzword phrases like “cradle to career”, “P20 Pipeline”, “public private partnerships”, and more. The allegory of the cave is explored. P3s (public private partnerships) are brought up as well as the relationship between them and austerity, political ideologies, and current goals and trends. We cover data collection and analysis as methods for tracking, control, and profits. There’s a bit on the religious aspects of technocracy, the Church of Woke, etc..

  • Part 3/3: Blockchain, Strategies, and More. Our Foundations Podcast

    In the final section of the interview with Julianne Romanello, she addressed concerns over blockchain technology, the education system, strategies going forward, and some final thoughts on the subjects we have been discussing. Philosophers mentioned- Eric Voegelin (classical studies) and Amitai Etzioni (communitarianism)

  • The Transhumanist World Order, Inclusive Capitalism, & The Digital Life. Veritas Radio

    Host Mel Hostalrich and Dr. Romanello discuss education, workplace surveillance, and the Framework for Inclusive Capitalism, the latest branding of the Great Reset, which is Agenda 21. 

  • Viral Vizualizations. The Shift with Doug McKenty. Episode 82

    In this episode, Doug interviews Dr. Julianne Romanello regarding a paper published by MIT entitled “Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online”. This study followed anti-lockdown activists on social media and discovered groups of highly scientifically literate individuals utilizing cutting-edge data collation practices to argue that lockdowns don’t work. With no evidence, the paper concludes these groups must be racists who have weaponized critical thinking in order to radicalize others into “heterodox” beliefs, rather than simply admitting they make a good argument and advocating for public debate over this important issue.

  • Sophistry and Technocracy. The Shift – YouTube

    In this episode of The Shift host Doug McKenty and Julianne Romanello discuss the rollout of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Dr. Romanello was teaching at the University of Tulsa when the administration announced big changes to the curriculum, influenced by a web of public/private partnerships promoting the economic program known as the Great Reset. This conversation reveals how university education has been dramatically influenced by this plan, using the the philosophical writings of Eric Voegelin to provide context for the transformation of education into indoctrination. April 6, 2021

  • Cry of the Mothers. AEVA Woman Earth Soul – YouTube

    As part of AEVA’s Cry of the Mothers, Julianne Romanello speaks about the struggle between good and evil that we face on the earth at this time, and encourages us to embrace the disorientating and oftentimes scary nature of the unknown whilst resisting imposing a system on it. March 29, 2021

  • United. Solidarity Across the Pond – Rumble

    To mark the one-year anniversary of the declaration of the “pandemic”, we are celebrating a shared commitment to liberty, truth, and peace, and discussing the successes and struggles in the battle for humanity’s future. Yvonne Rutkowski, Yzabelaah Samahra Rose, Kilgore Rand, Radoslaw Kaliszuk, Darren Smith and Julianne Romanello. March 11, 2021

  • The Greater Reset Activation: Health & Education w/ John Bush. Freedom Cell Network.

    Activists, Permaculture Farmers, and Solutionaries unite for The Greater Reset Activation, an alternative to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, an initiative of The Freedom Cell Network. Julianne Romanello, PhD, delivers her presentation at 12:26:00 in the broadcast. January 26, 2021

  • Techno-Fascism, Rejecting the Reset, & The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Veritas Radio.

    Mel Hostalrich from Veritas TV discussing Techno-Fascism, Rejecting the Reset, & The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Julianne Romanello, December 28, 2020



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