Beware of dark ‘inclusive’ spirituality masquerading as light. Transformative change-making is an arm of the 4IR NWO, based on Communitarian social theory (not Sacred Scripture). Period. The appeal to people of faith to create ‘positive impact’ in their communities is a perversion of the virtue of Christian charity (and its analogues in other faith-traditions). Charity is grounded in love and is a free gift given to another. This New Narrative is based on impact, outcomes, and practical consequentialist behavioral science – in addition to military psychological research and eugenicist theory. The goal with this NWO spirituality is to create total, submissive conformity and to prepare us for singularity.

I found the Fetzer Institute through its affiliation with the Bloomberg-funded Aspen Institute. Here is a link to its very disturbing whitepaper on the social entreprenuership model of spiritual narrative creation.

Fetzer’s Board is notable for its many ties to social impact investing and education programming organizations. Dan Cardinali is also on the Board of Independent Sector with representatives from Bridgespan Group and other titans of the Great Reset.


There is A LOT to learn from these organizations’ websites, especially in regard to the transfer of govermental responsibilities to private corporations. See, e.g., this post about a Biden executive order to promote public-private partnerships.

“The attached document, prepared in deep consultation with legal expertise from Holland & Knight, suggests a “first year” agenda that the Biden Administration might pursue to build an unprecedented partnership and strengthen the nonprofit sector so that, together, the federal government and the nonprofit sector might best strengthen civil society and ensure that all people living in the U.S. can thrive. It also builds on the collective wisdom and learnings from multiple administrations about how best to build this relationship.”

When billionnaire philanthropists are partnering with government and social entrepreneuers, the goal is social engineering for financial gain – at the expense of freedom, individuality, and the Truth that is the substance of genuine faith.