Are you ready for COGNITIVE CITIES? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is already adopting Cognitive City technology.

Notice how Cognitive Cities focus on INCLUSIVENESS.  This buzzword ultimately intends to substitute the Hive Mind Singularity for rational, independent thought. Both Smart and Cognitive Cities do your thinking for you – the individual becomes nothing but a node in the Community Operating System.

A few thoughts on INCLUSION:

A “community” that is directed toward the “value” of INCLUSIVENESS / SOCIAL INCLUSION / INCLUSIVITY for every “identity”


a *society* that is  directed by *individuals* who possess the *characteristic* of CONFIDENCE / SELF-KNOWLEDGE/ SELF-SUFFICIENCY (or – to use a contemporary concept – SELF-ESTEEM).

INCLUSIVENESS is, first and foremost, about data capture and the compilation of hyper-detailed records of everyone’s attributes and experiences. This is for the benefit of human capital (and human liability) investors who want to make “big bets” on the possibility of achieving (or failing to achieve) “positive social outcomes” and it fulfills the desire of contemporary sorcerers to build an alternative mind – one to displace God’s Creation.

On a practical level, inclusiveness is also about creating “communities” in which everyone FEELS VALUED (as an asset) and EXPERIENCES (or has the perception of) BELONGING. Note that how one feels is a function of EVERYONE ELSE’S BEHAVIOR towards oneself – or how one perceives someone else’s behavior toward oneself.

Note that REASON / THOUGHT as well as INDIVIDUAL FORTITUDE / SELF-ASSUREDNESS are subordinated to EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE. In an inclusive community, one’s sense of self (-worth/value) is determined by one’s opinions about the opinions of others. This sounds like a recipe for creating a diffident, servile people – or, to use the kinder, more popular term, an ADAPTABLE people – who may be “developed” now and into the future (i.e. sustainably). Inclusiveness is designed to turn individual human beings into mixed-use assets-under-management.

The older language of CHARACTER depends on the assumption that individuals become who they are through their free choices and their responses to the situations, obstacles, and opportunities that they encounter over the course of life. Both reason/thought and passion/emotion/feeling, as well as the will, play a role in choosing how one will meet the uncertainties of life. And over time those choices start to coalesce into habits and a more-or-less settled character. Human freedom is an essential component of this ethical paradigm – though it may be lost by individuals who consistently choose to act slavishly and who indulge the passions over reason and thoughtful consideration.

The element of FREEDOM, necessary for the unfolding of INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER is wholly absent from the Cognitive City structure.

The economic reset is designed to turn all businesses into social change agents and soft enforcers of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Employees are to be seen at all times as brand ambassadors for the companies that employ them.  This means that there will be no meaningful difference between “on- and off-the-clock.” Adherence to HR motivational-speak will be required in one’s private, personal time just as if he or she were at the office.  This is what is meant by the line “you’ll have no privacy and you’ll be happy.”

You might remember an earlier post I wrote about the design to Reset the definition of a corporation in order to transition from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.  This whitepaper helps to explain how and why that redefinition is necessary.  Notice especially the screen shot that states:

“This level of change will require a huge mindset shift on the part of shareholders and management; however, the timing is favourable. The devastating labour market impact of the pandemic and the need for governments to step in and provide extensive support have made it clear that a financially incentivized business model driven by short-term wins no longer works; public and media focus on how companies manage their human capital resources is intensifying.”

The new economy works by “leveraging corporate purpose” to create SDG-aligned good global citizens.

Link to WEF whitepaper on Human Capital as an Asset:

Human Capital as an Asset

Heading Level 4

In this radio show, former Oklahoma State Senator Jake Merrick and I discuss the roll-out of Smart Cities in Oklahoma, the ways that the promise of “Economic Development” is beguiling Oklahomans, and what we can do as a state to protect our rights and the rule of law against an increasingly powerful global financial cabal.

Jake is a believer and follower of Jesus, married to Nicole for 12 years and father of two beautiful girls. He has a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological University, and he currently pastors a church in Oklahoma City. As a former professor, he taught Bible and Philosophy for 5 years at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany. During this time he also owned and managed a fitness center. Currently, Jake owns a tool sales company and manages the non-profit Paraklete, Inc, which he founded to create an alternative to the failing healthcare system. As a former state Senator, he is also using the insights gained from his time in office to rally the people of Oklahoma to fight for their individual freedom via 100K Friends.

Heading Level 4

In this radio interview, Bruce de Torres and I discuss the problems and potential avenues of restoration for the American Nation.  We focus on public-private partnerships as a danger to representative government and how state-level action might be our best option for salvaging the rule of law in this country.


Bruce is the author of GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free, Marketing Director for TrineDay Publishing and moderator of TrineDay’s podcast, THE JOURNEY: CONVERSATIONS WITH PUBLISHER KRIS MILLEGAN, and host of WORLDSTAGE WITH BRUCE DE TORRES on TNT Radio DOT Live.