In August, I posted a draft of collected terms associated with the Reset to Facebook. Many people suggested additions to that collection, and I thought of several of my own, which I’ve incorporated here, in Draft 2.0. This list – loosely organized by topic – still doesn’t include many tech-related terms.

Here is a link to the Word file:


Learn to spot the jargon. They use the SAME WORDS for EVERY PROJECT. You don’t even need to know what they mean. If the buzzwords are there, it’s a 4IR/NWO SCAM.

Agenda 21 buzzwords. Just a few…


Environmental Protection, Conservation, Preservation, Preserving Resources into the Future, for Future Generations, for All; Climate Risk is Business Risk, Preserve the unique, rural, natural character/way of life, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Nature Conservancies, Land Trusts, Green Spaces, Privately-Operated Public Open Spaces (POPOS), Active/Healthy Lifestyles (w/ Parks and Recreation), Floodplains, Watersheds, Environmentally-sensitive areas, Riparian Buffers, Regenerative/Organic Agriculture, Regional Trusts/Compacts/Agreements, Zero-Emissions/Waste, Carbon Neutral, Low-Carbon, Alternative Energy/Fuels, Active Transportation (Walkable, Bicycle-Friendly, Trails, etc.), Scope 3 Emissions, Wildlife/Nature Corridors,

Change-Agents, Thought-Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders/Partners, Task Force, Focus Groups, Listening Sessions, Community-engagement surveys, Leadership, Capacity-building, Talent-building, Community Conveners, Backbone Organizations, Facilitators, Global Leaders/Shapers, Futurists, Representatives from Business and Industry, Vulnerable and Underserved Populations, Visionary Leadership, Bold Leadership, Innovative Thinkers, Collective Impact Strategies, Disruption, Shocks, Headwinds, Tailwinds, “a Growing demand for …,” Council of Governments, Federal Grants, Grantmakers, Founders, Start-ups

New Economy, Circular Economy, Economy for the 21st Century, Economy of True Value, Regenerative Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism, Multicultural Capitalism, Inclusive Capitalism, Reimagined Capitalism, Economy that works for all, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy, Socially-Responsible Investing, Corporate Responsibility, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Build Back Better, Public Benefit Corporations (B-Corps), Prosperity for all, “People, Planet, Prosperity,” Governance, Global Value Chains, Shared Value,

Social Impact Finance, “Big Bets” (investments made to promote behavioral outcomes), Gaps (to be filled by social service delivery), Opportunities (for Impact Investing), “Doing Well by Doing Good,” Faith-based investing, Values-based investing, Responsible investing, Triple Bottom Line, Pursue Value rather than Profits, Social Returns, Future-cost Offsets, Maximize Returns on Investments, Makes Good Business Sense, Accelerate the Return on/Transformation of _, Human/People-Centered, People-first, Community-first, Long-termism, Long-term perspective, Social Value, Solutions to “Pressing Problems,”


Equity/equitable, Access for all (vs. lacking access, vs. barriers to )/Accessibility, Inclusive/Inclusionary, for all, “No one left behind,” Serves all, Diversity, Affordability (Housing, Transportation, etc.), Vibrant, Livable/livability, Thriving, Strong, Resilient, Striving, Innovative/Innovation, Transformational, Reimagined, Imagine/Imagination, Engaged/engagement, Connectivity/connected, Integrated approaches, Alignment, Collaborative, Cooperative, Consensus-based, Community-driven/led, Quality of Life for all, Human Rights, Trust/Trusted, Verified/verifiable, Accountability/Accountable, Transparent/Transparency, Person-centered/Human-centered (i.e. based on surveillance data of human behavior), Whole-Person Approach, Whole-of-Government Approach, Industry Transformation, Zero-Waste, Protected/Verified, Data-driven, Evidence-based, Results-oriented, Outcomes-based, What Works, Based on Studies/Data, Smart design, Solutions-oriented, Shared Objectives, Bipartisan/non-partisan/pragmatic, Responsive, Adaptability/adaptable, Flexibility/flexible, Personalized, Corporate Purpose, Purpose-driven, Power of Purpose, Leverage Corporate Purpose, Shared Prosperity, Urban Wealth Funds, Culture of Safety/Caring/Engagement, etc. Empathetic leaders, Servant-leaders, Service-oriented, Mission-driven, Mission-oriented, Forward-thinking, Future-oriented, Future-proofed, Risk-reduction (vs. “a nation at risk,” etc.), Preventative approach, Wellness, Safety/security, a New Social Contract, America’s Promise, Hope, Joy, Love, Grit, Empathy, Kindness, Human Capital, 21st Century Global Citizens

Welcoming/Vibrant/Attractive destinations (vs. “flyover zones”), Local Character, Place-based development/investing, Eco-Tourism, Neighborhood identity, Signage, Gateways, and Wayfinding, World-class _ (city, talent, amenities, etc.), Globally-competitive, Comprehensive/systemic/ecosystem approach, Well-planned communities,

Measuring, Monitoring, Reporting, Digitalization, Data-collection, Real-time data, Data Sharing Agreements, Seamless/Frictionless/Integrated Systems, Automate Cognitive Processes, Mesh Networks, Cognitive Networks, “Scale the Network,” Intelligent Management Systems, Intelligent Cities, Wider Systems Change, Networked Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Analytics, Broadband Access, Responsive Systems, Agile Networks, Cloud Computing,

Hazard Mitigation and Early-warning systems, Code enforcement, Public safety, Public health, __ Indicators (Equality, Resiliency, etc.), Historical preservation, Landmark designations, Culturally-significant places,

Urban Design Principles, Green/Eco-certifications, Environmental Impact Statements, Reduce Pollution, Upzoning, Downzoning, Flexible Use, Mixed-Use, High-Density Development, Affordable Housing, Pop-up Businesses, Start-ups, Co-working hubs, Accelerators, Innovation/Tech Labs, Fab Labs. One-Stop Shops, Special Districts (Tax Increment Finance Zones, Education Districts, Opportunity/Choice/Promise Zones, etc.), Special Economic Zones, Digital Economic Zones, Civic Spaces, Public Commons, 15-minute cities, Efficiency credits, Cap and Trade, Green Bonds, Muni Bonds, Land-Value Capture,

Infrastructure upgrades, Infrastructure Based on Technology, Deployment of (Technology, Capital, etc), Coherent Deployment, “Send a clear signal to…,” Holistic Approach, End-to-End Analysis, Vulnerability Risk Assessments, Dashboards, Leader Boards, Gamification, Tokenization, Key Performance Indicators, Optimize, Performance/Efficiency/Productivity, Setting Clear Targets, Shared Objectives, Meet the needs of present and future generations,

Last-mile solutions, On-demand service delivery, “People able to live, work, play within the city, using its resources,” Age-/Gender-Responsive policy, Decade of Action, “Improve the lives of …,” Federal Grants, Challenge Grants, Hackathons,

Light rail, Mobility solutions, Scooters, Electric Vehicles, Multi-modal Transport Systems, Micro-mobility, Pedestrian/Bicycle-Friendly, Clustered Development around Transport Hubs, Traffic calming, Reduce Congestion, Reduce Commute Time, Reduce Travel Distances, “all needs met within a short walk or bike ride,” Elimination of parking minimums, Back-in parking, Car-free/car-optional neighborhoods, Pay-per-mile road user charges, Transit-Oriented Development, Zoning changes (especially to prioritize mixed-use), Complete Neighborhoods,

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), Stakeholder Councils, Task Forces, _ Authorities (Port, Industrial, Economic Development, etc.), Innovative Finance, Community Foundations, Reinventing/Reimagining Government/Democracy, Arrangements to support a population-based/productivity-focused approach, Engagement with KEY Stakeholders

Comprehensive plans for geographic areas, sectoral innovation (e.g. mobility or economic development, etc.), Frameworks, Playbooks, Roadmaps, Toolkits, Pathways, Pipelines, Regional approaches, Revitalization, Redevelopment, Sustainable Communities Strategies, HUD Regional Planning Grants, Community Development Block Grants, Asset Based Community Development, New Market Tax Credits, Partnership for Sustainable Communities (HUD, EPA, DOT), Strong Neighborhoods, Co-Housing, Workforce Innovation and Development, People Management/Development Strategies, Office of Community Experiences, School-to-Work, Cradle-to-Career, P20 Pipelines, Talent Pipelines, Project-based design, Wraparound Services

Sanctuary Cities, Migration, Immersion Programs, Social Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, Financial Literacy Programs, Digital Citizenship, Civic Education, Common Core, STEM, STEAM, Direct Instruction, Personalized Learning, Life-Long Learning, School Vouchers, School Choice, Education Savings Accounts, Talent Pipelines, Mentoring Programs, Seed Funds, New Frugality, Universal Basic Income (UBI), Income-Sharing Agreements, Transitional services, Next-Generation _ (service delivery, design, etc.), Ambassador programs, Environmental justice, Circular/Sharing/Gig Economy,

Combatting Intergenerational Poverty/Drivers of inequality, Addressing Trauma/Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Racial Justice, Structural Racism, Promoting Mental Health, Addressing Health Disparities/ Social Determinants of Health, Population Health

1 thought on “List of NWO Buzzwords

  1. This is first-rate, Julianne.

    Thank you! It represents a lot of hard work and dry reading of material the average person simply does not have the time or inclination to research.

    I so hope people reading this acknowledge your scholarship and your courage. You are one special lady!

    Share it, y’all. The life you save may be someone close to you. Let’s not let them hijack the English language in an attempt to force you into a life of actual organized crime!

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