The economic reset is designed to turn all businesses into social change agents and soft enforcers of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Employees are to be seen at all times as brand ambassadors for the companies that employ them.  This means that there will be no meaningful difference between “on- and off-the-clock.” Adherence to HR motivational-speak will be required in one’s private, personal time just as if he or she were at the office.  This is what is meant by the line “you’ll have no privacy and you’ll be happy.”

You might remember an earlier post I wrote about the design to Reset the definition of a corporation in order to transition from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.  This whitepaper helps to explain how and why that redefinition is necessary.  Notice especially the screen shot that states:

“This level of change will require a huge mindset shift on the part of shareholders and management; however, the timing is favourable. The devastating labour market impact of the pandemic and the need for governments to step in and provide extensive support have made it clear that a financially incentivized business model driven by short-term wins no longer works; public and media focus on how companies manage their human capital resources is intensifying.”

The new economy works by “leveraging corporate purpose” to create SDG-aligned good global citizens.

Link to WEF whitepaper on Human Capital as an Asset:

Human Capital as an Asset

The financial cartel have been setting up the New Inclusive Economy, based on a model of social-engineering-as-a-service, for over 15 years. Inclusive means that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE will be “measured and managed.” This Harvard Business Review article argues that having a comprehensive approach to the MANAGEMENT of PEOPLE SYSTEMS has strong PREDICTIVE VALUE for a company’s FINANCIAL RETURNS.


SMART TECHNOLOGIES, which replace HUMAN JOBS, are also about managing people and therefore about predicting and driving financial returns. They won’t go out of style anytime soon. All environments will become SMART – in order to manage, measure, and monetize the people who have been rendered “economically irrelevant” by Fourth Industrial Revolution technology.

“More than 120 million workers globally will need retraining in the next three years due to artificial intelligence’s impact on jobs, according to an IBM survey.” The amount of individuals who will be impacted is immense. The world’s most advanced cities aren’t ready for the disruptions of artificial intelligence, claims management consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

–, 2020

This is setting up a vicious cycle of corporate and state-sponsored social control that will drain all true vitality from human existence. Notice how this approach was tested in and applied to schools – the more manageable the child, the more productive (and predictive) the asset. Remember the saying, “No child left behind“? It expresses both the comprehensive nature of this program AND the deliberate destruction of children – because in the place of a child, this system leaves nothing behind but a machine.