Besides facebook reactions, I don’t have any way of knowing who has read or considered the information that I share in my posts.

I hope the information I share – which deals with the CLEAR AND PRESENT danger to AMERICANS’ BUSINESSES, BANK ACCOUNTS, and BILL OF RIGHTS might somehow reach individuals who have the COURAGE and the CLOUT to stand up against the CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of AMERICAN SOCIETY and INSTITUTIONS.

INCLUSIVE CAPITALISM is a program that delivers into the hands of FOREIGN-OWNED PRIVATE CORPORATIONS all the coercive tools of government, effectively obliterating any public check on the use of this power.

Someone is going to interject, saying that government was set up to oppress the people and that popular sovereignty is a myth, etc. etc. I am not interested in that argument right now.

If the CORPORATE TAKEOVER of the United States of America and the implementation of the UN Habitat Smart Cities program CONTINUE, everyone will be required to profess allegiance to the planetary technate, and the prospects for meaningful discussions of alternative lawful and political paradigms will be nil.

This is what I think is important right now: If enough people BELIEVE and are WILLING TO ENFORCE the principle that government is a creation of the people, set up to protect RIGHTS, the source of which is SUPERIOR to ANY constitutional or political system, then the institutions will become – in practice – answerable to the People. The Bill of Rights has power because the People believe and are prepared to enforce that its prohibitions and protections are FOUNDATIONAL to the organization of society and have an INVIOLABLE STATUS as principles of constitutional order.

“But, but the laws that have been passed… and the Supreme Court rulings …”

We would do well to remember one pithy response to institutional overreach, “Mr Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

With these statements, I am not glorifying the state or a particular form of government or the American regime. I am trying to call attention to the FACT that we are facing a HIGHLY ORCHESTRATED, COORDINATED EFFORT to abolish individual rights and the rule of law and the freedom of thought and conscience. This is taking shape through the transfer of public administration to foreign-owned and -interested corporations. If this transfer continues unabated, there will be NO GOING BACK and the American people will truly be the most miserable in the world. The Fourth Industrial Revolutionary Regime will be a TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICE STATE.

There is a term for entities that conspire to destroy the foundations of law and institutions, that sell their country to a hostile cartel. And there are criminal penalties for engaging in the activities comprehended by that term. The American People need to think deeply about the significance of this and of the existential crisis that we are facing right now.

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